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De:Chorder Chord Transposer

  • The MUSIC CHORD TRANSPOSER is a MUST for guitar learning
  • This GUITAR CHORD CHANGER is great for guitar learning basics
  • TRANSPOSE CHORDS easily on the fly from any key for guitar chords
  • CHANGE MUSIC KEYS and TRANSPOSE with the key to your song
  • The De:CHORDER is the Door to your Keys
  • CHANGE MUSIC KEYS and make music jam

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The De:CHORDER® Music Chord Transposer is the NEW modern tool for a guitar chord changer from one key to another, great for guitar learning chords, in the key to your song — quickly and easily, at the touch of a button. Check out our HOW IT WORKS page.

Guitar players who use a capo will appreciate the De:CHORDER’s® transposing features. The guitar player using a capo can tranpose to use a preferred chord fingering pattern. Works great as a guitar chord changer tool for guitar learning basics.

The De:CHORDER® Music Chord Tranposer made its debut at the NAMM Show 2006. Positive Image News selected the De:CHORDER for one of their eChoice™ awards at NAMM 2006. NAMM Oddities selected the De:CHORDER as one of their Techno Geek Toys at NAMM 2006.

The De:Chorder is a must tool for guitar learning and guitar learning basics. A guitar chord changer is a great investment for guitar chords and guitar learning chords.

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